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Welcome to the UPBEAT trial!

Obesity is a major problem in modern society and we know that women who are heavy at the start of pregnancy can be at risk of almost every pregnancy complication particularly diabetes, and the baby can grow too large. This can cause problems at birth and longer term health issues for the child.  The UPBEAT trial aims to find out whether, by making changes to the food obese pregnant women eat and increasing physical activity reduces these problems, and leads to improved long term health for mother and child.

The UPBEAT trial is funded by the UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

The study is now recruiting in Newcastle, Sunderland, Glasgow, Manchester, Bradford and St Thomas',  King's College and St.George's Hospitals in London. if you would like to take part please contact Annette Briley ( 02071883641 or any of of the research midwives at the local centres (details in 'read more').

Nearing the end of recruitment [2014-03-17]

It is anticipated we will reach our target of 1546 participants in UPBEAT by the end of April. The follow up appointments and pregnancy outcome information will be completed towards the end of this year.