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Welcome to the UPBEAT trial!

Obesity is a major problem in modern society and we know that women who are heavy at the start of pregnancy can be at risk of almost every pregnancy complication particularly diabetes, and the baby can grow too large. This can cause problems at birth and longer term health issues for the child.  The UPBEAT trial aims to find out whether, by making changes to the food obese pregnant women eat and increasing physical activity reduces these problems, and leads to improved long term health for mother and child.

The UPBEAT trial is funded by the UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

The study has now stopped recruiting. if you would like further information please contact Annette Briley ( 02071883641 

UPBEAT reaches and exceeds recruitment target [2014-08-12]

On May 23rd the 1546th participant was randomised in the UPBEAT trial. There were already other women with appointments to take part, once these woman were also randomised we had 1556 women who have taken part in UPBEAT during their pregnancy. At this time UPBEAT is the largest study in the world of women who enter pregnancy with a BMI of 30 or more. Thank you to all the women who have taken part. 
Throughout the summer we will be following the remaining women through their pregnancies and the last babies are due in November. Once the last baby is born we will publish the findings of the trial as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile UPBEAT TEMPO - a study following up the UPBEAT Mums and children when the child is 3 -4 years old has started. We hope to see as many of the UPBEAT participants as possible in this new study, funded by the EU. For more information about UPBEAT TEMPO please go to

If you took part in UPBEAT and have lost contact with us, regardless of which centre you were recruited in, and even if you have moved since the birth of your UPBEAT baby, please contact Annette Briley (Consultant Midwife) on 02071883641 or Alex Ignatian (Trial Co-ordinator) on 02071883639.