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Welcome to the BASELINE Study

BASELINE, funded by the National Children’s Research Centre, is the first Irish birth cohort study. A birth cohort study is one in which babies are followed from birth and studied to determine why some babies go on to develop disease, whilst others remain healthy. There are a number of birth cohort studies worldwide, but few, if any of them will have such detailed information about the babies from before they are even born, way back to the first weeks of pregnancy.

The BASELINE study is a vital national resource (every country needs its own specific data) and will be a mine of critical information about Irish children and their health and illness for years to come It is the first time that researchers will have detailed information about a baby’s environment, including their mother’s health, their environment in the womb, over the first few months of life and their subsequent growth, health and development.

The BASELINE study has been made possible by the important research currently taking place in the Cork University Maternity Hospital; the SCOPE study. The SCOPE study is currently recruiting 3000 first time mothers to gain very important information about mothers from early pregnancy. This will be used to develop ways of predicting which mothers are at high risk of pre-eclampsia, pre-term birth and poor fetal growth. The information gathered by the SCOPE study provides a unique platform for us to collect important information about babies as well as their mothers. We wish to study these infants as they grow and develop in a landmark follow on study. This follow on study is called the BASELINE study.

We will also be storing maternal blood samples during pregnancy and samples from the babies’ umbilical cord at birth. This will allow us to look back later to see if any elements in the umbilical cord, or mother’s blood could have been used to predict disease in these children.

Initially, over the first two years of a child’s life we will focus on three areas, allergy and eczema, vitamin D levels and the effect of poor growth in the womb.

 The 'Children's Discovery Centre'

The BASELINE Study will be carrying out all our appointments in the newly developed 'Children's Discovery Centre' (Sponsered by the Irish Health Research Board).  Please follow the directions and map below to our new location. 

Directions to the 'Children's Discovery Centre'

If you are coming in the through the main entrance to the CUH, turn left and follow the road to the top of the hill and follow the road around to the right. The main public car park is on your right. (Car Park No. 1 on CUH Campus Map)

Enter through the Main entrance, walk down the main concourse past the shop and you will see The Seahorse Ward on your left.
The building can also be accessed from the back gates entrance to the CUH.  This road is reached by taking a right at the traffic lights opposite the 'Rendez Vous' bar on the Model Farm Road and continuing straight until you see the back gates entrance to the CUH.  There is on street disc parking available here.  


A celebration of the Cork BASELINE Birth Cohort [2017-02-06]

A very successful celebration of the Cork BASELINE Birth Cohort was held on Tuesday 31st January 2017 in the Aula Maxima in UCC, with a good mix of parents, interested people from the UCC community and from our sponsor National Children's Research Centre (NCRC) Crumlin, Dr Jacinta Kelly & Dr Ruth Barrington attended .  Presentations on the night were given by the principal investigators on the Study, Dr. Deirdre Murray, Prof. Jonathan Hourihane, Prof. Mairead Kiely and Prof. Louise Kenny.  We finished the evening off with tea and chocolate cake!    (The presentations given can be found here)

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