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2 Year Appointment Information

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The BASELINE study

2 Year Appointment Information

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What to expect at your child’s 2 year BASELINE appointment

  • We will have either emailed or posted questionnaires relating to nutrition and allergies which you should fill out at home before your appointment. We will clarify any unclear questions on the day. You may also have been given questionnaires about your child’s development by post which you should fill in at home before you come, if possible.
  • Your child’s weight (standing on scales) and height (against a height chart) will be done.
  • Measurements will be taken of different parts of the body with a measuring tape e.g. waist, wrist, head, upper arm, lower leg length.
  • Skin-fold thickness measurement will be done on arm and back (this was done at 6 and 12mth appointments also).
  • A simple skin water loss test will be done on the forearm (the same test which we did at 2 and 6 months).
  • An allergy test will be done. This is a skin prick test. It involves placing a drop of the allergen onto the arm. The skin is then pricked through the drop. The result is available in 15mins. A positive result looks like a hive or nettle sting. We look for the common inhaled and food allergens, and also bee and wasp. This test is not painful or uncomfortable.
  • You will be asked if you are willing for your child to have a blood test. Numbing cream is used for this test to limit any discomfort to the child. A full blood count will be one of the tests done. A blood pressure measurement will also be carried out.

We will be carrying out a dietary assessment at the appointment. This will take approximately 10 minutes. We would like to meet some of the BASELINE children for another appointment where our Research Psychologist will look at how your child’s thinking, talking and movement skills are developing. We would like to see the children who had poor growth in the womb to see how they are developing around 2 years of age. Even if your baby did not have poor growth we might give you the opportunity to come for this assessment. This assessment will give us important information about how Irish children develop in the important first few years of life.


Preparing for the appointment

At 2 years of age your child has become much more independent. They are curious about what is happening around them on a day to day basis. This curiosity can be positively influenced by preparing them for their appointment using some of the tips we outline.

  • Practice measuring some body parts with a measuring tape e.g. head, upper arm, and waist.
  • Practice standing on the weighing scales with all their clothes off.
  • You can explain the other measurements and tests to your child if you feel it would benefit them to be prepared for what will happen at the visit.
  • We would ask you to not use any moisturisers or emollients on your child skin for 12 hours before the appointment as this may affect some of the test results. If you have to use them you can let us know on the day and we can make adjustments.
  • Any anti-histamine taken in the 7 days before to the allergy test may affect the results. If your child has to take them, don’t worry, but please inform us on the day of your appointment.
  • Please make sure that your child has had plenty to drink on the day of the appointment as this will make the blood test easier for them.

After the appointment

The questionnaires on your child’s development will be reviewed by our Research Psychologist. If there are concerns regarding any areas of their development then you may be invited to come to the Discovery Centre for further assessment.

If any of the allergy screening tests are positive we will discuss them with you on the day and depending on the results you will then be followed up by the allergy team with regards the need for further testing.

Your child’s Full Blood Count result will be reviewed by the Paediatrician on the study and you will be contacted if there are any concerns with it.

We would also like to inform you that we have recently received funding from the National Children’s Research Centre in Crumlin to follow up the BASELINE children at 5 years of age. This will be the next appointment with us, in the meantime we will be circulating a newsletter to all parents by email, informing them of interesting findings and published research from the Cork BASELINE Birth Cohort.

Finally we would like to say a huge thank you to you and your family for continuing to support the study, without your commitment and support the study would not be as successful as it is.



King Regards,


Cork BASELINE Birth Cohort Study team