The Step to Preventing the Major Diseases of Late Pregnancy

New Zealand

University of Auckland
RECRUITMENT is completed for the Clinical pregnancy study. FOLLOW UP of the Children of SCOPE at 5 years of age is in progress.

Project Team
Project LeaderProfessor Lesley McCowan l.mccowan [at] auckland [dot] ac [dot] nz
Clinical Study Team
Clinical Study DirectorProfessor Lesley McCowan l.mccowan [at] auckland [dot] ac [dot] nz
Study Coordinator/International Data MonitorRennae Taylor+64 210 622 546r.taylor [at] auckland [dot] ac [dot] nz
PhD StudentElaine Fyfe elainemcmu [at] hotmail [dot] com
Children of SCOPE
Principal Investigator Professor Ed Mitchell e.mitchell [at] auckland [dot] ac [dot] nz
Project ManagerNoleen van Zyl09-923-9406n.vanzyl[at] auckland [dot] ac [dot] nz
Research AssistantDesley Minahan09-923-1628d.minahan [at] auckland [dot] ac [dot] nz
Research AssistantElin Granrud e[dot]granrud[at]auckland[dot]ac[dot]nz
Bioinformatics Team
StatisticianAlistair Stewart aw.stewart [at] auckland [dot] ac [dot] nz
StatisticianDr Michael Black[at]otago[dot]ac[dot]nz
StatisticianDr John Thompson  
Statistician/Data ManagerEliza Chan  

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