The UK Preterm Clinical Network (UKPCN) is a network of doctors, midwives and researchers who are working to prevent the problems associated with preterm birth. This work includes the surveillance of women at risk in order to offer timely interventions to both prevent premature labour and reduce morbidity and mortality associated with preterm birth if it cannot be prevented.   The UKPCN was established with the aim of improving care and outcomes for women at risk of preterm birth through the sharing of a wealth of experience and knowledge, and the building clinical and research collaborations.  The PCN Database is fundamental to achieving this.  

The aim of PCN Database is to provide a standardized and systematic method of collecting clinical data that will allow specialist preterm teams to audit their own practice, with the added facility for combining data for shared audit, service evaluation and research.  This will lead to a better understanding of effectiveness of current surveillance practices and preterm birth prevention strategies on a national, and international, scale, as well as the generation of ideas for innovation and research.