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2015-09-24   UPBEAT update

We are pleased to say that the outcome of the trial has been analysed and we have published the results of the trial in a medical journal, Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. This paper can be accessed from the following link,

The study showed that although the UPBEAT diet and physical intervention did not help prevent gestational diabetes in the mothers, the participants did change their diet very significantly as a result of the health trainer support. This is good news as we now know a safe way of helping obese pregnant women improve their diets and physical activity. However, other strategies will have to be considered for preventing gestational diabetes, and we are working on ways of identifying early in pregnancy women who are most at risk of diabetes with a view to treating them either with diet or medicines early in pregnancy. We are eagerly awaiting analysis of the mothers’ diets after pregnancy to see if the healthy trends are maintained.

2014-08-12   UPBEAT reaches and exceeds recruitment target
  On May 23rd the 1546th participant was randomised in the UPBEAT trial. There were already other women with appointments to take part, once these woman were also randomised we had 1556 women who have taken part in UPBEAT during their pregnancy. At this time UPBEAT is the largest study in the world of women who enter pregnancy with a BMI of 30 or more. Thank you to all the women who have taken part. 
Throughout the summer we will be following the remaining women through their pregnancies and the last babies are due in November. Once the last baby is born we will publish the findings of the trial as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile UPBEAT TEMPO - a study following up the UPBEAT Mums and children when the child is 3 -4 years old has started. We hope to see as many of the UPBEAT participants as possible in this new study, funded by the EU. For more information about UPBEAT TEMPO please go to

If you took part in UPBEAT and have lost contact with us, regardless of which centre you were recruited in, and even if you have moved since the birth of your UPBEAT baby, please contact Annette Briley (Consultant Midwife) on 02071883641 or Alex Ignatian (Trial Co-ordinator) on 02071883639.
2014-03-17   Nearing the end of recruitment
  It is anticipated we will reach our target of 1546 participants in UPBEAT by the end of April. The follow up appointments and pregnancy outcome information will be completed towards the end of this year.
2014-03-04   Less than 100 recruits to go….
  Today we reached 1447, this means we only need 99 more to reach our target of 1546. 
2014-03-03   Just 102 participants required to complete recruitment
  Today's total number of UPBEAT participants is 1444, so we need just 102 to reach our target of 1546. This should be reached in the next 2 months. 
2014-02-07   End of recruitment even closer
  We have now have recruited more than 1400 women to UPBEAT and 999 UPBEAT have been babies born. We will start our 3 year old follow up visits (UPBEAT TEMPO) in April. 
2014-01-10   Nearing the end of recruitment
  More than 1350 women have taken part in this study, and we now need less than 200 to reach our target. 
2013-09-25   Recruitment exceeds 1200
  Another landmark is reached! More than 1200 women have now been randomised to UPBEAT.
2013-08-30   Best month for recruitment, so far!
  The team randomised 53 new recruits to UPBEAT this month. This is the best month ever, top recruiters were Glasgow and CAN (King's College Hospital) so special congratulations to Therese, Kirsteen, Sinead and Sile, Ari and Georgie. Here's hoping we break this record in September!
2013-08-06   Summer heat!
  The heat is on! With just about 6 more months of recruitment left, we need as many recruits as possible to reach our recruitment target to be answer important questions about pregnancy and the children of women who are heavy when they become pregnant. We have recruited over 1100 women, already and our first UPBEAT children will celebrate their 3rd birthdays at the end of this month.
2013-07-01   Is July the start of summer?
  49 new participants joined UPBEAT in June, making it the 3rd best month for recruitment! Could July 2013 break a record and be the best ever?
2013-06-27   Can we break previous monthly recruitment record?
  With just a few days to go we have almost beaten our previous monthly recruitment record. Well done to all the research team, and thanks to all the women who have agreed to take par this month
2013-05-20   100th woman randomised
  Gill Campbell in Sunderland has randomised the 1000th woman to UPBEAT this afternoon.
2013-05-14   Only 9 more recruits to get to 1000
  Who will be the 1000th woman recruited to UPBEAT? Only 9 to go. Let's hope it is this week!
2013-04-02   Heading towards 1000 women participating...
  We are hoping to aiming to recruit the 1000th woman this month! This will require a monumental effort form all the midwives involved, with lots of help form clinical colleagues. If you want to find out more please contat your UPBEAT midwife, if you are working. or booked for care in one of the participating centres (listed on homepage of website). Or contact the Central Trial Team on 020 7188 3641.
2013-03-14   More than 900 women randomised
  Well done Team! Today the 900th woman was randomised. This is a fantastic achievement! Let's see how quickly we can reach the next big milestone of 1000!
2013-02-01   Best month ever!
  In January we randomised 52 women. This is the best month ever for new participants! The challange is now in place to beat this in February, despite it being a shorter month. Well done to all the team and many thanks to the women who agreed to take part and have joined UPBEAT.
2013-01-25   Excellent progress
  25/01/2013 UPBEAT has got off to a great start in 2013. Now recruiting in 8 centres, we have randomised 41 women, so far this year! Bringing the total number of women randomised to 821 (well over half way to our target of 1546). With still a few days left in this month, we hope this will be our best recruitment month ever and help us get to the next milestone of recruiting our 1000th participant very soon!
2012-11-13   Another new centre!
  Recruitment will start at St George's Hospital London in the next few weeks.
2012-06-27   Sunderland starts recruiting!
  Congratulations to Gill and the team in Sunderland who recruited their first participant this week.
2012-06-13   100 women randomised in Glasgow
  Congratulations to Therese and the team who randomised the 100th women in Glasgow yesterday (12th June 2012). 

She joins Claire (at St Thomas') and Sile and Susan (at Kings College Hospital) in the 100+ club.

Who will be next to achieve this significant milestone?
2012-05-30   500th woman randomised!
Congratulations to Cath McParlin in Newcastle who randomised the 500th  woman yesterday afternoon.
2012-05-29   UPBEAT almost reached 500 women randomised!
  To date 499 women have been randomised! Watch this space to find out who randomises the 500th recruit.

Well done everyone, this is great and means we are almost a third of the wat towards out total number of participants (1560).
2011-09-20   Phase 3
  Following the success of phase 2, UPBEAT has now moved on to phase 3- the multicentre randomised control trial, which means that Manchester are onboard! Recruitment should start there in the next week or two and we welcome research midwives: Sarah Lee and Natalie Patterson and health Trainer: Natalie to the team.
2010-10-14   Update

UPBEAT started recruiting in London and Newcastle in April 2010 and in Glasgow in August.  We will continue recruiting in all centres until November, when the pilot phase should reach it's target of 100 women.

The first women who took part have now delivered and we are expecting UPBEAT babies on an almost daily basis.

We are extremely grateful to the women who have taken part and provided us with valuable information, which will now be analysed to see if we can improve the intervention, but also to see whether it helps pregnant women and their babies to have fewer complications in pregnancy and after delivery.

If you are pregnant, hoping to have your baby in one of the participating centres,  have a BMI of 30 or more, and would like to know more, please do contact the research midwives.

2010-05-13   UPBEAT starts recruiting

At the end of March 2010 UPBEAT started recruiting women booked to have their babies at St Thomas' Hospital, London  and Royal Victoria Informary in Newcastle.

The first women will have their babies in September 2010

At the same time the CAN project started recruting women booked at King;'s College Hospital, London and these women too will have their babies from September onwards.

The part of the study funded by the CSO in Glasgow are currently recruiting staff and hope to start recruiting women booked to have their babies in any of the three Glasgow maternity units in June.

The pilot phase will continue recruiting until the beginning of August this year. We will then start analysing the data and dependant on these the main trial will start later this year

2009-11-26   Intervention currently under development

The activity and dietry intervention for UPBEAT is currently being developed by a team of experts from several UK Institutions.

All trial documentation is being produced and the database developed.

It is anticipated that recruitment to the feasibility aspect of the study will start recruiting early in 2010.

2009-03-25   UPBEAT trial homepage launched
  UPBEAT trial homepage launched.